Short Fiction

[wry smile] I wonder at the wisdom and utility of putting this here. Ultimately it’s presently in place to show my commitment and calling as a writer, how that matches up on the human scale of intensity and focus I do not know.

The first link is to my published profile as an amateur essayist for The Left Coaster and Daily Kos. All of the essays are first draft spit-outs taking no more than 120 minutes, it’s just the way I wrote them and got used to. Not really knowing what else to do and internally insisting short fiction not remain hidden on the hard drive I put my stories on that domain too, what the hell.

[opens hands briefly] I am a classic little-people FDR liberal, yes. I never discuss politics at work, on a number of levels it’s a disaster, not the least of which it totally interferes with my employment duty, which I take very seriously. My politics are a legitimate human choice in a Democracy and if you can’t see that as an employer it would never work and I wouldn’t want anything to do with you anyway.

I feel through with being a political junkie essayist and have fitfully moved on to short fiction, only two real stories so far, the third in progress. Other elements of my life are not in place, obviously, and until they are I really can’t focus on being a writer, Pacific Gas & Electric isn’t impressed with the self-identification.

Be that as it all may be below are the links, peace be with you, if you’re stuck in an airport it’s something to do.

Political Essayist

Glenn & Stacy     I cherish this story as my first real effort, and it’s not bad.

I know You Do   A story I wrote about love for Valentines Day