Hi There

Thank you very much for stopping by, this is my personal site set up for employers and recruiters. It isn’t much different from previous WordPress versions, but it was better to get a fresh start in 4.3.1 and use a better page implementation.

In 2003 I became sick with cyclical vomiting syndrome, it’s related to migraines and by 2012 it had completely knocked me out of the labor force as a web producer. Like many migraine patients after around a decade a fade occurs, I am myself again as long as I’m careful with my diet.

[smiles] I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it is to get a professional web job after being out 2.5 years and being 52. Right now I’m a grill cook for Aramark at a major Valley campus, very hard work but it demonstrates I can hold a job and do my best every day.

I’m hoping optimally for web content producer in the last 20 year phase of my career, a position I saw at Expedia a month ago and is perfect for me: total responsibility for grammar, tone and data delivery in a web file, yet completely understanding all CMS elements that put that file in a browser. If necessary fix or modify an image, change the margin via the stylesheet, make sure the font style matches the styleguide, and check that the organic SEO elements put in place are concistent with planned implementation.

I’m a great writer, and if you think you’re better than me you’re wrong. Excellent speed, spotless grammar and punctuation, and a vast mental reservoir of proven experience as a published amateur essayist, 740 of them since 2002. I write short fiction, too, I am happy as a writer, it would be very good for everyone if I could match those content skills along with my web production set. [chuckles] If you’re a committed writer it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re better, I’m not that great, but for recruiters and Valley software types, heh, no.

This site is a classic plain free WordPress implementation in pages, not posts. The right-window menu is redundant but all right, but at least should match the order of the horizontal menu above. It seems the only way to fix that line break in the footer must be a division width error in the stylesheet, fix both of these small elements when you can. In whatever CMS your environment is using (I’ve got experience in several) this is what I can see and do along with those content skills.

I have expert level competence in Photoshop, MSOffice, and Dreamweaver (code view).

Optimum position is one thing, I’m more than happy to become a member of a web production team on contract or any clerical position where I can be a professional.

[Places palms together] Whatever brought you here, I hope you leave in a good place with a fine day ahead of you. Please stay well, I hope things are well with you and your people.

Joseph Arrieta

San Jose, California
September 21, 2015